There are three concentric circles of participation on this site.

On the outside are Anonymous users. They can access much of the website content, but can not post comments or create other content.

In the circle are Registered Users. They can comment and post content of various types.

Collaborators have unlimited access to the site, except for a few core administrative functions. (If someone really wants to take that on, I can share that, too.)

The Site Administrator has full access and the authority to control/change every aspect of the website. (Woo hoo!)

The first objective of this website is to share experiences, particularly those I have written up in the handbooks. I hope that participants in this site will use that material and comment on it.

The next step will be for people to get involved by helping to edit the handbook and add their own ideas and experiences. How we do this I don't yet know, but I chose Drupal because it has the tools we need to create an online community type website.

To get started, we need to create a safe space in which we can cultivate the community. Let's set some boundaries:

User registration is subject to approval/denial by the site admin. At the outset, the site admin will choose who to accept as a registered user and who to promote from registered user to collaborator.

Spam, off topic, personal attacks, racist/sexist/homophobic content, etc. This website needs to be a safe space in which to conduct a discussion.

As we go on we can distribute this responsibility, but at the outset the site administrator reserves the right to ban anyone at any time for any reason. To begin with, comments will be moderated. Nothing will be edited without the author's consent, but items may be removed/deleted without notification.

If the site grows, the site guidelines will be modified by the administrator (and are subject to such modification at any time). For now, I adopt in full the guidelines used by my friends over at


The site administrator will try to moderate this site responsibly, but users acknowledge that they alone are responsible, legally liable, etc. for the content they post.


What else should this include?