In pairs, one person is the Engineer the other is the Robot. The engineer gives the robot instructions. The robot does exactly what z is instructed to do, if possible in the spirit of "yes, and...". It is okay for the robot to fail to perform an action -- that requires the engineer to adapt the instruction. This will be most interesting if the instructions are creative: write a poem, pretend to eat ice cream, explain the meaning of life...


Robot battle: players stand in a circle with robots in the center like boxers. Engineers give commands, taking turns, and the robots have to interact based on those commands (remember, robots have power to fail to perform). "Robot 1! Say hello to Robot 2!" "Robot 2: pretend you did not hear." "Robot 1: make a cute pose to get Robot 2's attention.""Robot 2! Smile."

The robots rebel: robots do the opposite of what they are instructed to do (jeu des opposées), or, joker gives robots a secret word, when the engineer uses that word the robot turns to attack the engineer.

Create thematic robots: Boss/worker; Leftist/Conservative... and play robots accordingly... Maybe agree on their special powers before the match...?