The card game Buffalo, by Mary Flanagan, is designed to be played as a rapid-fire competition between players. (

It can also be played:

  • As prompts for improvisation: two actors, each actor gets two cards, one with an identity/occupation the other with a qualifier (e.g. Autoworker/Indigenous). The actors then improvise a scene where their two characters meet. At the end the audience tries to guess their identities. (Alternatively, have each player get the cards that identify the other player, so that the players have to discover their identities.)
  • As a team competition: two cards are played, each team has two minutes to come up with their best answer. The Joker judges.
  • As a research task: each participant draws two cards at random, then must do an internet search to find a real (or fictitious) person who matches the description. (This can really take people interesting places.)