A variation on the "Mad Libs" game.

Joker (or each participant) chooses a short text: a news item, an encyclopedia entry, a passage from a text book, a political speech, a poem, etc. S/he then removes key words or phrases, leaving blanks and a hint as to what type of word or phrase is missing (verb, noun, etc.).

Unlike the original game:

  • Players have the text in their hands, so they know what it is about.
  • The words or phrases removed should enable the players to change the sense of the story. For example, an anti-gun control editorial should be opened up so that it can be re-written as pro-gun control.

Participants then fill in the blanks to make a new story. They can change it to reflect their own views, to reflect what their co-workers say, to reflect what their political opponents say, or just to be poetic or humorous.

Participants share stories and discuss.

Variation 2

Participants write a short autobiographical piece -- a self-introduction -- then rewrite it with blanks (Mad Libs style). They exchange with others who fill in the blanks.