A simple activity: ask each person to think of her/his favorite and least favorite [word, person, place, object, action, body part(?), letter, number...whatever] and share them with a partner, explaining her choice.

The sharing can be with just one person (quick), with several people in a round-robin format, with the whole group.

The sharing could be done in spoken or written form, could be drawn or pantomimed.

The activity can be made thematic by taking the objects of like/dislike from a list that participants generated in another activity (for example a tag cloud or brainstorm list).

It could be the start of a writing/reading activity in which person A writes her favorite and least favorite [words]. Person B reads the sentences and writes five questions for Person A, who then has to rewrite, answering B's questions. You can do that a few more times to show how to question what you read in a way that helps the author write more and be more clear.

A: My favorite word is "patina". My least favorite word is "money".
B: What does "patina" mean? How often do you use it? Why is it special to you? What's wrong with "money"? Why is it your least favorite?
A: My favorite word is "patina" which means the texture of the surface of an object. I use this word rarely, but it reminds me of my father who loved to use it. Money, on the other hand, is so common and empty and cold and means nothing good to me, just need and greed. It is the word I least enjoy.
B: Is that really the definition of "patina?" Can you give an example of an object with a patina? Why do you think your father liked the word? What is wrong with "common" words? Why do you think money is empty? What is the opposite of "money," for you?