Idea for an activity:

Like the mirror game, where you mimic the other person's movements in real time, in this game one person speaks, one sentence at a time, and the listener repeats verbatim what the speaker said, as close to simultaneously as possible.

Maybe start with the mirror game, as a warm-up, then introduce speech. (One might also show the great mirror sequence in Duck Soup.)

The idea is to make the speaker, listener, and referee more attentive to the exact way they are expressing themselves.

This activity can also be a nice way to introduce the People's Microphone.

It is similar to the game One Voice in which players in pairs try to speak the same words at the same time based on gestures that they make together. (This game is tricky because the leadership moves back and forth rapidly as the players try to listen, watch, speak and act simultaneously and in synchrony.)

Option: A third party, the referee, raises a flag if there is any difference between the speaker's sentence and the listener's playback.