Variation by Hirabayashi Shunichi, with a few adjustments by MN.

Make a list of fears in advance, to save time. From the list, players vote for the top 10 fears that they have. Of course, they can add another words not on the list, but the number of fears should be the same as the number of demons.

Divide the participants into two groups. One group is the people, the other is the Demons. Each Demon will choose one fear to represent, keeping this secret from “the people.” The Demons will draw masks that somehow express – without words or symbols – the fear that they represent.

The people come up with the most powerful antidote to each fear and write each antidote on ten slips of paper. They roll up the slips into small balls of paper (the "beans"), then arrange the beans into separate piles, with a piece of paper identifying each pile (so everyone can see which beans are which).

Then the fight begins. One Demon chooses one person from the group and approaches him/her silently, as if to take him/her away. The person has ten seconds to choose a bean (word) powerful enough to overcome the fear the Demon symbolizes. They shout the word repeatedly, throwing beans at the Demon. If the word they said is strong enough to beat the Demon, the people win and the Demon joins the people. If the person runs out of time or chooses the wrong word, they become a prisoner of the Demons. (The Joker is the referee in disputes, keeping notes about disagreements, for later discussion.)

Play continues with the next Demon attacking another person, who chooses the best beans to throw, and so on. The game is over when all the Demons or all the People have been defeated.

Note: In this version, the Demon attacks a person silently because the people don't know what fear the Demon symbolizes. The people have to discover which word will beat their demons. Competition between people and demons makes the game more fun. But who wins is not important. Playing the games itself is exciting.