This is an idea for an improvisational variation on the Love, Hate, Need activity.

Once people have identified what they Love, Hate, Need, Have, Want, Fear, and Hope, the joker hands out three cards on which are written one of the categories (love, hate, etc) to random players.

The players think for a moment, then must improvise a short (2minute or so) scene in which they act out the thing they (love, hate, need...), interacting with the others on that basis.

So, for example, if the card is "hate," a player who hates war might start acting the role of a general ordering troops into battle. Another player might start maliciously running her fingernails down an imaginary blackboard, and so on. Ideally, the players will find a way to interact, using "Yes, and..." to respond to and integrate each other's ideas.

(You can start out with people doing this individually, before trying to interact.)

Alternatively, each player could be given a different card. The interaction then would be between someone acting out what they hate, another acting out what they love and a third acting out what they have, for example.

Question: how to end it? Have audience place the players in the six spots and then verify?