An idea for an activity based on the game Um, what is...?. I got this idea from Yurie Kumakura.

In pairs, one person tells a story, or makes an argument. The listener stops her from time to time to confirm his understanding. "Okay, so you mean....?" If the listener is correct, the speaker confirms this and moves on. If not, she repeats or clarifies. This can be done in a serious way -- confirming the other person's argument -- or in a silly way, confirming (or misconstruing) the most obvious details.

A. -- This morning I woke up and make myself a cup of coffee.
B. -- So you mean you stopped sleeping, got out of bed and transformed yourself into a cup of coffee?
A. -- Yes, but I did not make myself into a cup of coffee, I prepared a cup of coffee to drink.

You can give one player an image -- for example a post card of a photograph by Sebastian Salgado -- and ask that person to describe the picture. The listener can stop her to confirm details.

A. -- There are hundreds of men covered in mud climbing out of a deep pit on crude ladders, carrying sacks of dirt or mud.
B. -- So you mean there are only men in the picture?
A. -- Yes, I can only see men.

Players summarize a text that they have read. Their partners check their understanding by rephrasing -- so you mean...