This activity is a variation on "This is Not a Pipe" and Se Murio Chicho.

Standing/sitting in a circle.

The joker starts the game by pretending to pick up and hold in his/her hands an imaginary object. S/he considers the object, then declares, "This stinks!" and wrinkles his/her nose.

After ensuring that everyone understands "this stinks," the joker "passes" the imaginary object to the next person, saying to her, "This stinks!" The next person receives the object, expressing the same emotion as the first, then comes up with a new reaction, for example, "This is beautiful!" miming again the appropriate feeling. She passes the object to the next person, repeating her sentence, "This is beautiful!" The next person receives it with the same emotion, then comes up with a new object and emotion. And so on...


People may introduce new elements as you go. For example, instead of just describing the object's qualities, they may start describing its uses or what it's made of. "This is my heart." "This is militarism." "This is made of light!"

You can use this to practice adjectives or for other language practice.

To explore aspects of a theme, you can define the object ahead of time -- "This is our future" or "This is the labor movement" -- then have people take turns describing it. Example: "This is the Future." --> "This is the Future and it is in danger." --> "This is the future and it is coming closer every day." --> "This is the Future and it belongs to children."