This is a game in which the group builds an idea by accepting and adding to the previous idea (yes, and...).

The Flow:
In a circle, small or large group.

  • Joker asks the group to think of something good.
  • When a player has an idea, they start the play by naming their good thing -- e.g. "A cup of hot coffee."
  • Next player adds to it, to make it better -- "A cup of hot coffee on a cold morning."
  • Third player adds -- "A cup of hot coffee on a cold morning in the mountains."
  • And so on. Continue adding as long as the energy is good.
  • Write the final description on the board.

Look at the sentence, what do you see?

What could be worse? (This is like the Four Yorshiremen skit by Monty Python.)

Instead of a circle, let people volunteer if they have an idea. Or, use Me --> You dynamic to pass.

Have people do it all by mime -- Chaplin style.

Make it thematic by asking for something good that is related to a theme: "What is a good thing in your union?"
Player one: "Confronting the boss."
Player two: "Confronting the boss as a group."
Player three: "Confronting the boss as a group and winning."
Player four: Confronting the boss as a group and winning and sharing the victory with others."
And so on...