[the idea is that one role of the teacher is to create boxes in which people are constrained in such a way as to have to find their protagonism and freedom (or not -- always remains their choice and inconformidad trumps rules). So, practically speaking, a basic format like check-in/check-out is just a pair of boxes, like squares on a game board. Pre and Post-Motorola, the flow of a set of activities over one session (see Educating for a Change and Juegos), even the Spiral, are boxes of this type. As we learn from Kishida Toshiko, the boxes should have the sky for a roof and the earth for a floor, with sides as far as can be reached, or just a bit farther. And yet, they are boxes, constraints, boundaries, which require self-emancipated learning (or not)...] These are in this sense originary limits, not task-limits, not obstacles...]