Sometimes the most important part of a meeting or event is making contacts, networking. This activity uses the format of a personals ad to have people introduce themselves and quickly identify people they wish to get to know.

The format is simple. On an index card, people write:

  • Name:
  • Attributes:*
  • Turn-ons: **
  • Turn-offs: **
  • Seeking:***

    *This means relevant information about you for the purposes of this event, e.g., in a meeting of labor activists, your union affiliation or other organization, etc. People should feel free to play with this, though.
    ** E.g., what excites you as an activist or organizer? And what do you dislike, try to avoid?
    *** Seeking can mean what you are looking for in this meeting/event, or in a larger sense. I think in most cases, the narrower sense is more useful for identifying potential collaborators, or people who can help you get what you want.

    You can post the index cards on a big wall map (for a regional, national, international gathering), or pin them to your shirt and mingle, or dance through the crowd until the music stops and talk with the person closest to you... (Alforja idea)