In this self-assessment activity you use a partner to represent yourself. This requires you to articulate your self-assessment clearly and respectfully, and perhaps more objectively?

In pairs.

The first person speaks to the other as if speaking to him/herself. The task is to assess one's one participation in an activity, meeting, class, etc. The second person stands in as the "self" to whom the first person is speaking, listening actively, only asking clarifying questions.

    (Matt speaking)“Hi Matt. I enjoyed our meeting/class/activity. I think you did a good job. You asked a lot of questions and were prepared. I think you had trouble understanding the last part of the presentation, but I am not sure why...”

When time is up, switch roles, the second person now speaking to his/her partner as if speaking to her/himself.

At the end, participants do a short freewrite about the self-assessment, then discuss in a larger group.