Got this idea from the video The Story of Solutions

The idea is to create a sugoroku board game in which teams compete to reach different goals -- MORE or BETTER. The board is designed to have a fixed number of spaces between the start and each goal. Play proceeds with teams progressing to a certain point in usual stye, then, at the crux, they start laying down squares, designed to be interlocking, like puzzle pieces. The squares have to lead in the direction the players/teams have chosen. They can be challenged.

At certain points, there can be challenges. A "wrong" answer causes the player to go back, or go to the other path....

Maybe it is necessary to have the MORE path already drawn and leave the BETTER path open? Maybe all players start on the MORE path and the challenge is to break free and start building the path to BETTER? When you screw up, you slip back to the MORE path? The point is to distinguish GAME-CHANGING solutions from solutions that just keep you on the same path.

Key elements:
two goals
build the path as you go
choices and challenges
add info in some way