About English

Why English?
There are many reasons for learning English, or any other language: to travel, to get a job, to listen to music, read books or watch films. In Japan today many people want to learn English so they can participate more fully in global society, economy, and culture. This is all good. At a deeper level, learning a new language gives you the chance to make a new identity, a chance to recreate yourself. It can give you more freedom to be what you dream of being and to find others who share your dreams.

About Games

Why Games?
Games are fun, challenging, active, interesting. Games are often creative and physical. Games are good for communication and body language. In games we play, learn, share, and create. We make jokes and play characters. Using English is these ways is a great way to practice and learn. Games give us simple rules that help everyone participate and play. In games we are all equal. We can play various roles. Games can help us feel free.

Feel Free

I have taught English for many years, in New York City, USA and in Tokyo, Japan. I have learned from experience that the most important thing is to "feel free." What does feel free mean?
It means:

  • Feel free to be comfortable, to be happy, to have fun, to relax, to experiment;
  • Feel free to be uncomfortable, to make mistakes, to be confused, to forget, to be frustrated;
  • Feel free to be loved, to be cared for, to be respected and valued and to love, care for, respect and value others.