Activity A. An educator's journey.


My coworkers and I used The Educator's Journey in the Popular Education and Activism Working Group we had in the mid 1990's. I found it helped me better understand my fellow teacher/activists and helped me place my current work as a teacher in the context of my experience. (The activity is universal in popular education. I first learned it from Joao Paulo and Eleanora Castano Ferreira in a workshop for teachers at the old ILGWU Worker-Family Education Program.)

Activity 1.2 Putting our work in the picture.

Adapted from an activity by Eleanora and Joao Paulo Castano Ferreira

Is problem-posing good for educators? Our working conditions as educators are a crucial part of the context in which we are trying to do popular education, influencing everything from the materials we use today to our long term goals. This activity, which I learned while teaching at the ILGWU Worker-Family Education Program, helps educators look at our own work as work, using our own experiences and issues as material for problem-posing.

Activity 3.1 The Problem Tree

No popular education technique has spread as far and wide as this one. I first learned it from Eleonora Castano Ferreira and Joao Castano Ferreira, thanks to Maureen LaMar at the old International Ladies Garment Workers Union Worker-Family Education Program. To my mind the authoritative version is the one found in Volume 2 of Alforja's Tecnicas Participativas Para La Educacion Popular.