The best code of all

It is difficult to describe this activity because it is so rich in content and so great a way to practice "horizontal" pedagogy. It is a mash-up of Jacotot's "What do you see? What do you think of it? What do you make of it?" and ???

Materials: color copies of Miguel Marfán's cartoon on the cover of Técnicas Participativas Para la Educación Popular, with the book title removed.

The flow:

Joker gives people a copy of the Marfán cartoon and ask them to look at it closely. Give them five minutes or so.

Activity 5.2 El Camino Logico -- The Logical Way

By Matt Noyes, from El Camino Logico in Alforja, Volume I.

Not everyone has experience planning actions and democratic, collaborative planning requires some method. This activity can help members of a group work together and develop a shared plan.

In this activity, participants have to organize several sets of cards – each representing one part of a planning process -- that form a logical order, or do they…?

Activity 3.1 The Problem Tree

No popular education technique has spread as far and wide as this one. I first learned it from Eleonora Castano Ferreira and Joao Castano Ferreira, thanks to Maureen LaMar at the old International Ladies Garment Workers Union Worker-Family Education Program. To my mind the authoritative version is the one found in Volume 2 of Alforja's Tecnicas Participativas Para La Educacion Popular.