In the old days, silent films were often shown with music and a voice-over provided by live players. In Japan, the narrators were called benshi. (Akira Kurosawa's brother was a benshi, a leader of the benshi union until talkies came in and he committed suicide.)

In the first variant of this activity, a clip from a silent film (or a film shown with no sound) is shown and participants must write the narration to be read with it. They can include dubbed dialogue (like Woody Allen's What's Up Tiger Lily), music (if people feel creative). When they are done, share narrations in small groups, choose the most interesting and try them out in front of the whole group.

In the second variant, groups choose three clips from a film, write a narration for one, then show the three clips, using the same narration for each. Participants have to identify which clip matches the narration.