The idea is to start a discussion of a famous person (or text, artwork, etc) using the Dating Game format.

There are three roles: the Joker (emcee), the player, the potential dates.

The flow:
The player sits separated from the three potential dates.
The joker introduces the player.
The joker then asks the dates to introduce themselves in one sentence that will be attractive to the player.
The player then proceeds to ask questions, to one date at a time, trying to find the one who sounds best.
After a certain amount of time, the Joker gives the player two minutes to reflect and then choose her/his date. S/he first explains why she did not choose the others.

Joker: Welcome! Tonight our player is Janelle, a cooperative member from Oakland. She is creative, hard-working, and likes theory. She has to choose the Robert Owen she wants from among our three Robert Owens.

Robert Owen #1, please say hello to Janelle.

RO #1: Hi, Janelle. I am sure you will enjoy my utopian vision.
RO #2: Greetings Janelle. Let's talk about work and freedom.
RO #3: Hey there, Janelle. I want to take your spiritual reading.

Janelle: Wow, you all sound so nice. Thank you.