Another surrealist game from Alastair Brotchie. This one involves the random creation of definitions.

What is...?

Each player writes a question on this pattern: "What is ----?" (e.g., "What is solidarity?")

The players each fold down their papers so the questions are concealed and pass their papers to the next player who writes a definition on this pattern: "It is ----" (e.g., "It is a scream in the night." or "It is the final resting place of our dreams.")

The players then unfold the papers and read the completed definitions. (e.g., "What is a tree? It is the final resting place of our dreams.")

This can be done in pairs, or in a group.

Write several questions and several answers, tear or cut the papers into strips, divide them into two piles (questions/answers), shuffle them thoroughly, then draw one from each pile. When finished, people can re-define the words by moving answers around. Have the group vote on the best definition. Again, this should all be in the spirit of a game in which creative thinking is the objective.