This game is for practising consensus and ensuring the participation of every player.

Joker gives the same question or proposition to all players.
Every player writes down their answer.
Players then share their answers in pairs. If they have consensus, they then find another pair and try to reach consensus again.
If the pair does not agree, they try to convince each other, or to modify the answer until they can both agree.
The goal is to reach consensus among all the players.

For example:
"Climate change is the most important problem."
"Students do not need teachers."
"The goal of higher education is to get a job at a big company."

This game requires basic familiarity with the idea of consensus, but not formal steps or procedures. It might be good to do the Dedocracia activity first.

Repeat, so that people get to be fast and comfortable with differences of opinion.

Note: one key concept that should show up in this process is that consensus reflects what we are ready to say as a group, here and now, the level of agreement we have, where we are in our collective understanding.