List of games from Kani Club

  • Me-You
  • Rhythm shiritori
  • Don't get left behind (ひとりにならない)
  • Word Association
  • Let's do it!
  • Yes, and yay
  • Yes, and... interview
  • Master and Slaves
  • One Voice
  • One Word
  • A,B,C,D
  • Entry/Exit
  • Freeze Tag
  • Song
  • Emotional Replay
  • Genre Replay
  • Words from the heart
  • Superhero
  • Papers
  • Musical
  • Typewriter
  • Space Jump
  • Feeling Shift (mime of day's event)
  • Experience Rendering (sound, motion, statue)
  • Mime -- what's my job?
  • Mime -- who am I? (variation, try to join in, rebuff if wrong)

Plastic Bag Education

The idea is to take a random object that is utterly familiar but considered unimportant and use it as an object of learning, finding the connections between that object and ourselves. (Reminds me of Marx's question in Volume One of Capital about how two objects can be made commensurable.)

Step one is just to take the bag and answer the question: What do you see? This step requires time and care, it should be detailed and very specific, a close description, a close reading.

"This sucks, this is my heart..."

This activity is a variation on "This is Not a Pipe" and Se Murio Chicho.

Standing/sitting in a circle.

The joker starts the game by pretending to pick up and hold in his/her hands an imaginary object. S/he considers the object, then declares, "This stinks!" and wrinkles his/her nose.