involves making and/or watching video

Jokers as Scribes

What should jokers do when groups or teams are up and running in an activity and they are no longer needed? One good role they can play is as scribes for the teams, taking notes on the conversation, documenting their work (in writing, on video, photos), etc.

Other roles:

  • observers, watching the dynamics and process
  • go-fers, getting the groups anything they need, moving furniture, etc.
  • DJ, playing background music


Give people a list of [musicians] and ask them to choose one person whose music they do not know. Their task is to find music by that person online, listen to it, choose one and post a link (or the video/audio itself) in the online group with a comment about the music. Players are then asked to listen to each other's chosen music and add their own comments, to which the original poster should reply.

You can add a layer by asking people to research the background of the musical piece or the musician and post a summary. This can be very good practice for simple citation.

Using FB in class

For a few years I have been using Facebook Groups in my university courses. One technique that has been especially useful is to have students post comments for homework, then, in the following class, read and respond to others' comments, using their smartphones. I also participate, provoking discussion and reflection. It becomes a kind of instant writing/reading process and the atmosphere is relaxed and fun.