The Interpreter

I got this from Kani Club.

Three players and an audience (optional).

The scene is an alien visitor being interviewed by someone who does not speak her/his/its? language. So there is an interpreter.

Choose the setting: a TV program, an immigration interview, a job interview, a political meeting, the UN...

Role play an interview with the alien speaking gibberish which the interpreter translates into English. When the interviewer speaks, the interpreter translates into gibberish.


I heard you fired your boss...

This game is a variation on the "Yes, and yay" improvisation game I learned at Kani Club. The purpose is to be playful and free with language, using a standard form of interaction creatively. Like most games, it can be thematic or simply fanciful. (In any case, it needs to be fanciful.) Finding the creativity and play in each other is an important gain for people working together in groups. Just as we need to re-invent the wheel periodically when it comes to our strategy, we also need to re-discover each other from time to time.

The flow:

List of games from Kani Club

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