Ten Levels of Why?

A nice way to dig under obvious truths. I learned the basic technique here from Emily Schnee, from whom I learn so much. I have found that many students experience this as a revelation because it calls on them to question again and again when they are typically called on to give one answer.

Take a simple statement of an identity (I am a teacher), or a problem (I don't have enough time to do work I want to do), or just about any simple sentence (slugs leave a trail)...

Spoken version:
The player says her/his sentence out loud, then one person asks "why?"

"This sucks, this is my heart..."

This activity is a variation on "This is Not a Pipe" and Se Murio Chicho.

Standing/sitting in a circle.

The joker starts the game by pretending to pick up and hold in his/her hands an imaginary object. S/he considers the object, then declares, "This stinks!" and wrinkles his/her nose.

Sample triangle tool analysis

For this activity, rather than an example of using the activity, I want to provide "talking points" and questions I might use to orient myself before facilitating this activity. These are not notes for a lecture I would give. They are not the right answers that I am looking for, they are just to help me clarify my own thoughts. They may help you do the same. But you will need to clarify your own ideas.

On the three points of the triangle:

BAJA retreat, full facilitators agenda

Participants' Agenda (write on big paper)
Facilitator's Agenda, three copies
Materials: paper, markers, stickers, other
Handouts: 25 copies

Matt Noyes/Charley MacMartin

FRIDAY, 7pm to 9pm

1. Introductions

motivation: to give facilitators a better sense of who is there, to break the ice and get started, we want this to be quick.

process: quick go around, names areas of work, a particular skill each person has

2. Two Activities to Prepare/initiate Retreat

Sample Power Line -- Coalition of University Employees

[img_assist|nid=154|title=CUE power and democracy line 2001|desc=|link=popup|align=left|width=450|height=318]
This is a chart recording the results of a democracy and power line Mike Orrfelt and I did with members and officers of the Coalition of University Employees in 2001. (See also the Mosh Pit activity in Chapter 5.)